DRDO developed a Fire Detection and Suppression System

The Defence Research and  Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed fire detection and suppression system for the passenger buses. This newly developed technology can detect fire in buses in less than 30 seconds.  It has also the capability of  extinguishing the fire in 60 Seconds.


The technology has been developed by the Centre for fire explosive and environment safety of DRDO in Delhi. The system consist of a water tank having a capacity of 80 litres. It also contains a network of tubing with 16 atomizers and 6.8 kilograms of Nitrogen cylinder. The installed nitrogen cylinder is pressurized to 200 bar. The system also comprise of an aerosol generator with which the fire suppression can be achieved within 5 seconds. This fire detection and suppression system has been developed as a defence spin off Technology. The system has been specially developed for sleeper coaches and school buses.

What was the need?

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 2019 published a report called “Road accidents in India, 2018” highlights that around 1,51,417 deaths occurred in India because of road accidents. The report further states that the number of road accidents has increased by 2.4 % as compared to 2017.  So, the newly developed  system by the DRDO is aimed at preventing such fire induced accidents.

Aerosol Fire Suppression

The newly developed “fire detection and suppression system” works on the aerosol fire suppression concept. Under this aerosol fire suppression, combination of gases, matter and microparticles are used to flood the region affected by the fire. These particles remove oxygen and disturbs the chain reaction responsible for causing the fire.