‘E-Sampada’ Mobile Application- Key Facts

A new Mobile App and a web portal e-Sampada have been launched by the Ministry of Urban Affairs. This new portal and app will act as a single-window for services like allotment of more than 1 lakh government residential accommodations, allotment of office spaces to government organizations in 28 cities and venues such as 5, Ashoka Road for social functions.

Key Points

  • With the launch of this new portal, 4 websites namely- estates.gov.in, gpra.nic.in, holidayhomes.nic.in and eawas.nic.in and 2 Mobile Apps namely m-Ashoka5 and m-Awas have been integrated into one. This will provide a platform for all such Estate services throughout the country.
  • It will promote e-governance to boost accountability and transparency in providing different Estate Services like an allotment, regularization, retention, no dues certificate, etc.
  • E-Sampada has been developed to make the processes simple and to bring uniformity in the systems across the country.
  • This portal will allow availing all the services online as well as live-tracking of applications.
  • The availability of real-time information will result in the correct utilization of resources.
  • The online and automated process will increase transparency.
  • The portal also provides a facility for users to lodge complaints, submit documents and appear for the virtual hearing.
  • It will also result in a reduction of administrative cost and will save time and resources as the number of visits to the Directorate of Estate will be reduced.

This new E-Sampada portal and app has been developed by the National Informatics Centre that works under the Electronics and Information Technology Ministry.

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