East African Community (EAC)

The East African Community (EAC) is an intergovernmental organisation. It is composed of six countries such as Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Uganda. It was founded in 1967. Later, it was collapsed in 1977 and again revived in 2000.

About EAC

The capital of East African Community is Arusha, Tanzania. It is an integral part of African Economic Community. It is a precursor to the East African Federation. In 2010, the EAC launched its own common market for labour, goods and also to create common currency. The East African Passport was introduced in 1999. However, only three countries of EAC namely Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda issue the passport.


English is the official language of EAC. However, Rwanda and Burundi use French as their official language.


The EAC has the ninth largest population in the world. There are five cities in EAC whose population cross one million. Of these, Kampala is located on Lake Victoria. The lake is the second largest fresh water lake.

Common Currency and politics

In 2004, a common currency called “East African Shilling” was proposed. However, it is yet to be launched. Also, there were proposals for a political union under a common president.


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