Exercise Desert Warrior

Exercise Desert Warrior is held between the air forces of India and Egypt. It is a bilateral exercise held between the two countries.


In the year 2021, this exercise took place in El Berigat Air Base which is located in Egypt. This exercise was conducted with the aim to deepen mutual understanding between the Egyptian Air Force and Indian Air Force.

Defence co-operation between India and Egypt

Defense cooperation between Egypt and India prospered in the 1960s. Since then, collaboration has grown. The pinnacle of defense relations between India and Egypt is that Egyptian pilots are trained by the Indian Air Force. India and Egypt jointly built the Helan 300 jet fighter. In the year 1998, the Ai Chief of India visited Egypt. This provided a lot of impetus for deepening cooperation. During this visit, the idea of ??the Joint Defense Commission was developed. Then, in the year 2006, the India-Egypt Joint Defense Commission was established. Since then, for six times the committee has met. The sixth meeting was held in Delhi in the year 2016. Several defensive relationships were established during the meeting. Both military delegations will visit their respective countries for expert exchange and joint training.  Indian Navy vessels and Indian Air Force aircraft also regularly visit the country of Egypt for joint training.

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