Ghost Fishing

Ghost Fishing is a term used for the phenomenon of deaths of dolphins, turtles, and other sea animals through fishing equipment s or “Ghost Gear”. Various endangered turtles and dolphins in the River Ganges are at great risk due to this fishing equipment.

What is Ghost Gear?

Ghost Gear is fishing equipment that is lost in the sea. It can be ropes, nets, etc. As per the World Wide Fund for Nature, Ghost Gear contributes to 10 percent of all the waste found in oceans and is the deadliest form of marine plastic.

Key Points

  • A survey was conducted along the length of River Ganges found the endangered dolphins and three -striped roofed turtles can die by entangling in the plastic waste of the equipment.
  • As per the survey, plastic nets are the most commons forms of ghost gears.
  • As these nets are designed to catch fishes and marine animals, when they are lost in the sea such animals entangle in them and die painfully.
  • The rarest marine mammal of the world, the vaquita porpoise is on the verge of extinction due to such ghost gear in water bodies.

Solutions for Ghost Gear

A survey-‘Sea to Source: Ganges’ expedition conducted by the National Geographic Society pointed out that the materials and plastics used for making fishing equipment can help in reducing deaths due to ghost gears. Storage and recycling of nylon 6 can be a great help as it will also reduce plastic pollution.

World Wide Fund for Nature

It is an international organization for wilderness preservation and for the reduction of human impact on the environment. It was established in the year 1961. It is headquartered in Switzerland.



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