Global Bribery Risk Matrix

Global Bribery Risk Matrix is released by the anti-bribery standard-setting organization TRACE International.  This year, out of 194 countries, India has been ranked at 77th rank, one rank higher than the last year.

Key Points

  • The index ranks the countries based on four factors: 1. Business interactions with government, 2. Anti-bribery deterrence and enforcement, 3. Government and civil service transparency, and 4. Capacity for civil society oversight.
  • The index assigns scores to the countries on a scale of 1 to 100 on each factor. The higher the score the higher is the risk of bribery.
  • The top rank in the list is held by Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and New Zealand, while North Korea, Turkmenistan, South Sudan, Venezuela, and Eritrea are at the bottom.
  • For compiling the index, TRACE uses data obtained from public interest and international organizations including the United Nations, World Bank, and World Economic Forum among others.
  • India ranks better than its neighbors on the index. Pakistan is ranked 153rd; Nepal 107th; and China 126th. However, Bhutan has been ranked above India at the 48th position on the index.

TRACE Bribery Risk Matrix

The TRACE Bribery Risk Matrix measures the likelihood of bribe demands in 194 countries. It was originally published in the year 2014 for meeting the needs in the business community for more reliable, information about the risks of commercial bribery across the world.