GoI-AWS collaboration for "Quantum Computing Application Lab"

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology have collaborated with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) to establish the Quantum Computing Applications Lab.

Quantum Computing Applications Lab

  • These Quantum Computing Application lab will be established in order to identify the quantum computing problems which are faced by Central government, State government and the research institutions.
  • These entities will get access to Amazon Web Services so as to use the computing cloud platform from Amazon.
  • The entities would also be provided access to simulators and programming tools at zero cost.
  • This is the world's first quantum computing applications lab on AWS that support a national government's mission to drive innovation.
  • It will also provide scientific, academic, and developer communities to access the quantum computing development environment.
  • This mission has also been aligned with the science and technology priorities of the government.
  • In the similar move,  government had also annouced a "National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications" during budget 2020-21.

National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications

  • The central government has announced in the Union Budget 2021-21 to spend Rs 8000 crores on to implement this mission.
  • The mission will be implemented by the Department of Science and Technology that works under the aegis of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • The mission will be implemented with its focus on the fundamental science and technology development.
  • The mission will also address the issues that are concerned with the national priorities.
  • This mission also seeks to prepare next generation skilled manpower, to encourage entrepreneurship and to develop the start-up ecosystem.

What is Quantum Computing?

It is the use of quantum phenomena like superposition and entanglement for the purpose of computation. Computers performing the quantum computations are called as quantum computers. The Quantum Computing is a subcategory of quantum information science and is based on the Quantum Physics. The history of Quantum computing dates back to 1980s. During that time, A quantum mechanical model was proposed by the physicist Paul Benioff. A quantum computer has the potential to simulate things which cannot be done with the classical computer. The quantum Computers process the data in quantum bits as opposed to the classical computers that process data in bits.

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