Grallator tenuis

Grallator tenuis is one of the three species of dinosaurs whose footprints were found in the Thar desert of Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan. The other two species are Eubrontes glenrosensis and Eubrontes cf. giganteus. These footprints are estimated to be 200 million years old. These carnivores are said to belong to the early Jurassic period.
Grallator is an ichnogenus – a form of taxon based on footprints – that includes a common type of small, three-toed print made by different bipedal theropod dinosaurs. The footprint of Grallator tenuis is 5.5 cm. It closely resembled the early Jurassic ichnogenus of Stenonyx. There may be a taxonomic difference between Grallator tracemakers from North America and the fossil found in Rajasthan.


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