Hakki Habba: Karnataka’s annual Birdwatching Festival

The annual birdwatching festival popularly known as Hakki Habba kicked off recently at the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Tiger Reserve in Chamarajnagar near Mysuru in Karnataka.

About Hakki Habba

  • This is a three-day festival that was started in the year 2015.
  • It was started by the Karnataka Forest Department.
  • The festival seeks to create awareness about the environment.
  • It also tries to attract more people involved in bird conservation.
  • The festival also helps in finding the birds that are largely seen only in the region.
  • The festival further makes list of new species that fly in the region.
  • Hakki Habba festival further aims to promote the biodiversity of the BRT tiger reserve and showcasing the unique and rich biodiversity of the sanctuary.
  • The festival is organised in order raise awareness to the people about the speciality of the landscape through movies and tours.

BRT Tiger Reserve

  • The BRT tiger reserve stands for Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Tiger Reserve.
  • The reserve derives its name BILIGIRI from the white rocky cliff. On the top of this rocky cliff, a temple of Lord VISHNU has been located which is locally known as Rangaswamy.
  • It is further believed that the hill range gets its name by white mist and silver clouds which cover these lofty hills.

History of the reserve

  • The reserve was constituted as a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1974.
  • In The year 1974, the Sanctuary comprised two Reserved Forests called the Chamarajanagar State Forest and BRT Reserved Forest.
  • In the year 1987, the Doddasampige Reserved Forest was added to the Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • The BRT Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a Tiger Reserve in the year 2011.

Area of the reserve

The reserve is spread in the area of 574.82 Km². Presently, the Tiger Reserve has two sub-divisions. They are Chamarajanagar and Yelandur sub-divisions. It also comprises six ranges such as Chamarajanagar (territorial), K. Gudi, Punajanur, Yelandur, Kollegala and Bylur wildlife ranges.

Flora and Fauna

The forests of BRT Tiger Reserve are dry deciduous type. They are interspersed with moist deciduous, semi-evergreen, evergreen and shola patches at different altitudes. The common animals found in the reserve include tiger, elephant, bison, leopard, sambar, wild dog, spotted deer, four horned antelope, barking deer, sloth bear, common langur, wild boar and bonnet macaque.

Location of the reserve

The Tiger reserve is located in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. The reserve also covers Chamarajanagar, Yelandur and parts of Kollegal Taluks. This is a unique Bio-geographical entity which act as a bridge between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats in South India.

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