India and Israel: MoU in Health and Medicine approved.

The Union Cabinet chaired by PM Modi approved the Memorandum of Understanding on November 4, 2020 between India and Israel in the field of Health and Medicine.


The MoU between India and Israel include following provisions:

  1. Exchanging and training of medical doctors and other professionals.
  2. Assisting each other in order to set up the health care facilities.
  3. Exchange of information related to medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  4. Share expertise against public health actions and climate risks.
  5. Promoting the best practices for research mutually.
  6. To encourage representatives from both the countries so as to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences in health and medicine.

India-Israel health cooperation

India and Israel also cooperate in fight against the tuberculosis. Both the countries are working to deploy medical imaging using the Artificial Intelligence all over India so as to increase Tuberculosis screening capabilities in rural areas. In the line, the Health Net Global of Apollo hospitals and Zebra Medical vision of Israel will receive 4.9 million USD from India-Israel Industrial Research and Development and Technological Innovation Fund. Further,  Israel supplied advanced medical equipment to India in order to fight COVID-19. In return, India supplied five tonnes of medicines including Hydroxychloroquine there. In order to develop rapid testing solutions,  a special team of defence experts and researchers arrived from Israel to join hands with Indian researchers. The researchers from both the countries cooperated in order to develop a COVID-19 testing kit that gives results in less than 30 seconds.