India- UAE MoU for Scientific and Technical Cooperation

The Union Cabinet has approved the agreement between India and UAE on Scientific and Technical Cooperation. The agreement has been signed between the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) India and the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Key Points

The MoU between India and UAE includes cooperation in the areas of-

  • Sharing scientific and technical information of common importance.
  • Sharing experience/visits of research scholars, scientists, and specialists, etc. for training, research focussing on satellite data utilization, climatic information services for nowcasting, and tropical cyclones forecasting.
  • Organizing scientific and technical workshops/seminars/conferences and training courses on issues of both countries in science and technology.
  • Setting up Meteorological observation networks over Ocean waters.
  • Developing special capacities of Tsunami models researches for reliable and faster forecasts of Tsunamis generating through the Oman Sea and the Arabian Sea and affect the coastal areas of the North East of UAE and India.
  • Supporting the Tsunami Early Warning Centre (TEWC) through forecast modeling software.
  • Exchanging real-time seismic data of Seismic stations located in south and west of India and North of the UAE.
  • Cooperation in Early warnings of Sand and Dust storms by exchanging knowledge and information.

India–United Arab Emirates relations

India and UAE have friendly relations. Both countries have an agreement for technical cooperation in the rail sector. Both the countries have been helping in countering terrorism and recently, both of them together foiled an ISI backed-terrorist attack in Delhi.

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