Indian Army Builds Memorial for soldiers martyred in Galwan Clash

The Indian Army has build up a memorial in the honour of twenty soldiers who lost their lives in the Galwan Clash between Indian Army and Chinese Army in June 2020 in the Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldi road. The memorial contain the names of the soldiers and they have been mentioned as “Gallants of Galwan”.

Background of the Clash

The stand-off between the Indian Army and Chinese Army dates back to 1962 when both the armies got engaged in a war. The War led to the loss of Aksai chin region to China. After that, both the armies usually get in to minor clashes along the Line of Actual Control. In the series, A violent clash emerged in June 2020 in the Galwan valley. Indian side lost 20 Indian soldiers while the Chinese side suffered a casualty of around 35 soldiers. The India Army completed the mission under the “Operation Snow Leopard”.

Operation Snow Leopard

Under Operation Snow Leopard teams are deployed on high altitude mountains. The soldiers deployed there are the warfare specialists who are kept prepared. They are tasked to occupy heights and secure the supply lines in a counter to Chinese aggression.

Why China is aggressive in the region?

China Follows  “The Policy of Nibble and Negotiate”. Under this policy, China opposes India’s development along the Line of Actual Control. Currently, India has been undertaking various infrastructure projects and roads in the Ladakh region. But, China opposes the development because these roadways will help Indian Defence force to transport soldiers, ammunition, food supplies, and other needs easily. This would further strengthen the surveillance the region from Indian side along the border.

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