Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) renamed

Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) the apex body of broadcasters will be renamed as the Indian Broadcasting and Digital Foundation (IBDF) Also, coverage will be extended to bring all online streaming services under its jurisdiction. This decision was taken after seeing the rise in the viewership base during of the online streaming platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. This extended coverage will bring all the broadcasters as well as the OTT (over-the-top) platforms, under its jurisdiction.

IBDF is considering forming a new and wholly-owned subsidiary which will handle all the matters related to digital media and will regulate them. A self-regulatory body named Digital Medic Content Regulatory Council (DMCTC) will also be established for regulating the digital OTT platforms.

About Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF)

The Indian Broadcasting Foundation, renamed to Indian Broadcasting and Digital Foundation (IBDF) established in 1999, is a unified representative body of television broadcaster. Around 250 Indian television channels are associated with it.

IBF acts as a spokesman of the India Broadcasting Industry. It is the parent organisation of Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) which established in the year 2011, to examine and resolve content-related complaints.

Now, the online digital content platforms will also fall under the ambit of the IBDF.

About Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC)

Formed: 2011

Chairperson: Justice (Retd.) Gita Mittal


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