Steadfast Defender 21

Amidst rising tensions with Russia ever-increasing, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is organising the Steadfast Defender 21 war games military exercises in Europe. The NATO troops along with warships and dozens of aircrafts are taking part in the war games.  Military exercises will take place across various locations in the Atlantic, throughout Europe and the Black Sea region.

About Steadfast Defender 21

  • These war games are being organised with the main aim of simulating response of the 30-nation military organisation for attack on any one of its members.
  • It also seeks to test the ability of NATO to deploy its troops from America.
  • After Russia’s decision to send thousands of troops across its border area with Ukraine, these war games have been started as preparatory measures.
  • The military alliance has launched one of its biggest defence spending initiatives after the Russian army annexed the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine in 2014.
  • The war games will also tie in the two new NATO command centres in Norfolk, Virginia and Ulm in Germany.
  • The NATO officials have stated that these military exercises are not aimed towards Russia specifically. Rather the main focus is on the Black Sea region, where Russia blocks free ship navigations.

About North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

NATO is a military alliance which is intergovernmental in nature signed between 30 European countries and the North American countries. The main aim of the NATO is to implement the North Atlantic Treaty which was signed in the year 1949. NATO is a system that provides collective defence and also if any member country of NATO is attacked by an external party then the other members will also send in troops to defend its ally.

Headquarter: Brussels, Belgium

Formed: 1949


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