Indian Railway Launched Digitized Online Human Resource Management System

Indian Railway has launched a completely digitized online Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

What is Human Resource Management System (HRMS)?

The HRMS is a high thrust project for Indian Railways. The project provides for an improved productivity and employee satisfaction. The project is a move for improving the efficiency and productivity of the Railway system. The project is a significant step that make us to realize the vision of Prime Minister who seeks to transform the India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. The project will create a big impact on the functioning of all the employees. It will make the employee more tech savvy.

What are the Modules of the HRMS?

The Chairman and CEO of the Railway Board, Vinod Kumar Yadav, has launched following modules of HRMS & User depot that are useful for railway employees and pensioners:

  1. Employee Self Service (ESS) module: It will enable the railway employees to interact with other modules of HRMS such as communication with respect to change of data.
  2. Provident Fund (PF) Advance module: This module will enable the Railway employees to check the PF balance. It would also enable them apply for PF in advance online. Employees would also be able to see the status of their PF application online.
  3. Settlement module: This module digitize the entire settlement process for the retiring employees. Employees would be able to fill their settlement or the pension booklet online. This would enable them to fetch the service details online. Also, the pension will be processed online completely. Use of paper will be eliminated completely. The settlement module would also facilitate the monitoring for timely processing of settlement dues for the retiring employees.