India’s 1st mRNA Vaccine gets nod for Human Trials

India first indigenous mRNA Covid-19 vaccine candidate has got the approval for human trial. The approval has been given by the Indian drug regulators. The vaccine will now be used for Phase I/II human clinical trials.

mRNA Vaccine Candidate – HGCO19

This vaccine candidate has been developed by Pune-based company named Gennova. It is supported with a seed grant under the Ind-CEPI mission by the Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology. It has been developed in collaboration with HDT Biotech Corporation, Seattle in USA. The mRNA-based vaccines are scientifically a ideal choice while tackling a pandemic because of their rapid developmental timeline.

How this vaccine response?

These vaccines do not use conventional model to produce the immune response. But, the mRNA vaccine uses the molecular instructions in order to make the protein in the body by a synthetic RNA of the virus. The host body use this vaccine to produce the viral protein which is recognized. Thus, it helps in making the body immune to the infection.

Nature of the vaccine

The mRNA vaccine is safe to use as is non-infectious and non-integrating in nature. These vaccine is degraded by the standard cellular mechanisms. The vaccine is highly efficacious because of its inherent capability that is translatable into the protein structure inside the cell cytoplasm. Further, the mRNA vaccines are fully synthetic. They do not require any host such as eggs or bacteria for growth. These vaccines can be manufactured in an inexpensive manner so as to ensure the availability and accessibility for mass vaccination on a sustainable basis.

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