Sustainable Mountain Development Summit 2020

The ninth edition of the Sustainable Mountain Development Summit (SMDS) has begun on December 11, 2020 in Dehradun. The summit has been started under the theme– “Emerging Pathways for Building a Resilient Post COVID-19 Mountain Economy, Adaptation, Innovation and Acceleration”

About the 9th edition of the Summit

  • The ninth edition of the summit will focus on building the pathways toward a resilient and sustainable mountain economy.
  • It seeks to build pathways for sustainable economy in light of the post COVID-19 scenario and Climate Change.
  • The summit will help in pushing forward the agenda of mountain at the bigger national and international forums.
  • The 9th edition of SMDS will be hosted by the Sustainable Development Forum Uttaranchal (SDFU).

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit

This summit is an annual flagship event of Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI). During the summit, mountain concerns are brought together at the regional and national level. This is the part of  sustained effort that highlights the priorities of Indian Himalayan Region in developing the discourse of our country. The summit comprise of the 3-5 salient themes each year. These themes engages the immediate attention to the mountains and hills. These themes are identified for the threadbare discussion and debate.

Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI)

IMI is a civil society led network platform. It has been launched with the aim to mainstream the concerns of the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) and the people of these regions in developing the dialogue of India. The IMI functions as the platform that integrate the knowledge and experiences of multiple stakeholders that work across the IHR. This platform is used to inform and influence the policy at the national and state level.