International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

On 25th November every year, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is observed and it was designated by the UN General Assembly. The day looks to raise awareness regarding women around the world who are exposed to domestic violence, rape and other forms of violence. In addition, one of the goals of the day is to emphasize that the scope and essence of the problem often remains hidden.


WHO and its partners have released data on the prevalence of violence against women in the year 2021. It shows that one in three women is exposed to physical or sexual violence by her intimate partners, or sexual violence by non-partners, throughout her life. The lockdown due to COVID 19 and the interruption of some major services have further increased exposure to violence by women. According to the United Nations, across the globe, 137 women are killed by their families every day. Women Less than 40% experiencing violence seek help in some way.

According to the United Nations, only 52% of married or women in some form of union are free to make their own choices regarding sexual relationships, contraceptive use and health care. One in three girls and women experience some form of sexual or physical violence in the course of life and, most often, from intimate partners. New data show that cases of domestic violence have increased in some countries since the COVID 19 pandemic.

This day is also the beginning of the UNiTE campaign to end violence against women from November 25th to December 10th. This is a 16-day initiative ending on Human Rights Day (December 10th) and this 16 days will have a lot of activities highlighting all the issues related to violence against women.

Theme of the day

“Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!” is the theme for the year 2021.

The colour orange represents a secure and brighter future for all the women facing various forms of violence.

Objective of this day

The purpose of this day’s celebration is to prevent as well as eliminate violence against girls and women. The day also aims to take action around the world to fill the funding gap so as to ensure basic services violence survivors during the COVID 19 crisis. This day also focuses on data collection that can improve lifesaving services for girls and women. Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread and catastrophic human rights abuses in the world and is rarely reported due to associated silence, stigma and shame. According to the United Nations, it generally manifests itself in physical, sexual and psychological forms. Intimate Violence (Struggle, Psychological Abuse, Marital Rape, Female Murder); Sexual Violence and Harassment (Rape, Forced Sexual Behavior, Unwanted Sexual Advancement, Child Sexual Abuse, Forced Marriage) , Street rape, stalking, cyber rape); intimate abuse (slave, sexual abuse);marriage of children and female genital mutilation.