Keystone XL pipeline

The President elect of America, Joe Biden, is expected to cancel the permit of the Keystone XL pipeline, a $8 billion pipeline project. Joe Bidden is expected to take this step in the backdrop of his concerns over the fossil fuels that contributes to climate change that he highlighted during his election campaign. However, Canada is asking the President elect to reconsider his decision of cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline.

Keystone pipeline

  • It is an oil pipeline system in Canada and the United States.
  • This pipeline project was commissioned in the year 2010.
  • It is owned by TC Energy and the Government of Alberta.
  • The project runs from the West Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta to the refineries in Illinois and Texas.
  • It also runs to the oil tank farms and an oil pipeline distribution center in Cushing, Oklahoma.
  • Keystone XL pipeline is the fourth phase of the project.


  • First two phases of the project have the capacity to deliver up to 590,000 barrels of oil per day into the Midwest refineries.
  • Phase III delivers up to 700,000 barrels per day to the Texas refineries.

Keystone XL

This is a proposed Phase four of the pipeline project. Here, XL stands for "export limited". This project will connect the Phase I-pipeline terminals in Hardisty, Alberta, and Steele City by a short route. In the pipeline, karger-diameter pipe will be used. The pipeline will run through Baker in Montana. This is the region where American produced the light crude oil from the Williston Basin of Montana.

Concerns surrounding Keystone XL

Fourth phase of the project, Keystone XL, was opposition from environmentalists. This project became a symbol of the battle over climate change and fossil fuels. Following the opposition, this project was delayed temporarily in 2015. The permit to complete the project was again given by the President Donald Trump in 2017. Recently, on January 17, 2021, President-Elect Joe Biden announced his plan to cancel the Keystone XL project.

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