Morocco to Normalise Ties with Israel

The United Sates has agreed to recognise Morocco’s claim over the disputed Western Sahara region. Morocco has become the sixth Arab Country to normalize ties with Israel in US brokered deal along with Egypt and Jordan. Both the countries have now set up the diplomatic relation.


The Western Sahara region is the subject of a dispute between Morocco and the Algeria-backed Polisario Front. It seeks to establish an independent state. The region is a Spanish colony. It was annexed by Morocco in the year 1975. Since 1975, the region has been subjected to the long-running territorial dispute between Morocco and the Saharawi people.


  • Morocco is the fourth state to normalise ties with Israel since August 2020.
  • Recently, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan signed agreement with Israel.

Israel-Morocco Relation

Morocco has officially resumed it diplomatic relations with Israel. Both the countries would now expand the economic and cultural co-operation in order to attain the  regional stability. Both the countries have signed the deal to reopen the liaison offices in Tel Aviv and Rabat. These offices were shut in 2000 when low-level relations broke down with the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising. Morocco would also grant direct flights to and from Israel for all Israelis.

Morocco’s claim over Western Sahara

Even after the deal has been signed, US would recognise Morocco’s claim over Western Sahara. This claim is part of the deal. US government have reaffirmed their support for Morocco’s serious, credible, and realistic autonomy proposal.

Effect of the deal on Western Sahara

The deal will not necessarily have an immediate impact on the region. This is because the dispute is seen as greater than the whims of the US president. However, US’s backing of Morocco’s claim over Western Sahara is a big deal since it diminishes the hope of a people who aspire for independent territory.