Mucormycosis and Covid-19

Gujarat Health Department has notified that many COVID-19 patients are found to be infected with the Mucormycosis. Nearly half of the patients diagnosed with the infection have lost their eyesight.

What is Mucormycosis?

Mucormycosis is a rare and serious fungal infection that majorly affects the lungs or sinuses of a person.

Key Points

  • The Mucormycosis infection is caused by a group of molds known as mucormycetes.
  • It is also known as Black fungus and can lead to loss of jaw and vision in patients.
  • This black fungus infection can affect any part of the body. It majorly affects the lungs or sinuses after fungus enters the skin of a person through a burn, cut, or injury or when the person inhales fungal spores from the air.
  • The overall mortality rate of Mucormycosis is about 50 percent.
  • As per the advisory issued by the Gujarat Health Department, people who have undergone an organ transplant, those with cancer or diabetes, or people with too much iron in their body are at a greater risk for this infection.
  • For prevention from the infection, people should wear N95 masks. However, there is no proof yet that these masks prevent the infection.
  • People are advised to avoid contact with dust. People should wear long pants, gloves, and shoes while handling soil.
  • The connection between Mucormycosis and COVID-19 is weak immunity.

The health department of Gujarat has made it clear that mucormycosis does not spread from person to person or from person to animals.