NASA’s Test of World’s Most Powerful Rocket

NASA will be testing the most powerful rocket ever on January 16. However, the rocket won’t be launched to any place; it means it won’t be going anywhere.


  • The test of the most powerful rocket is scheduled between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • This is the 1st test of the core of the Space Launch System (SLS).
  • It is the rocket that NASA projects will be carrying a new generation of astronauts to the moon and handle missions beyond the scope of existing commercial crew vehicles.
  • This rocket is a little shorter than the Saturn V rockets but is more powerful.
  • Saturn V rockets carried Apollo astronauts to the moon.
  • This new rocket will be producing 15% greater thrust during liftoff in comparison to Saturn V.
  • When the 4 RS-25 engines at the bottom of the SLS be ignited, the period of testing for the rocket will close.
  • NASA has termed it as “green run.
  • Before this, NASA has already tested the solid rocket boosters that will be affixed to the side of the rocket core for actual launches.
  • This core includes oxygen and liquid hydrogen tanks, 4 engines and computers, and avionics of the rocket.
  • All these will be turned on as 2.6 million liters of supercooled propellant will be loaded into the rocket and ignited. However, the rocket will remain fixed at the Stennis Space Center of NASA.
  • When the engines are fired up, 1.6 million pounds of thrust will be generated.

If the test is successful, NASA will take a step ahead toward combining the rocket core with an Orion spacecraft and the solid rocket boosters for actual launches.

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