Octane Number

Octane Number or Octane Rating is a measure of the performance of Petrol. The higher is the octane number of fuel, the more compression it can withstand before exploding.

Key Points

  • In petrol engines, the air-fuel mixture is compressed to high pressure and is ignited in the cylinders.
  • Hence, the compressibility of petrol is vital for the performance of the engine. Petrol with higher octane numbers is more compressible than that of lower octane numbers.
  • The use of low octane petrol leads to the problem of engine knocking and is harmful to the engine.
  • However, a low octane number is suitable for Diesel engines. But, the fuel should have a high cetane number.
  • Cetane number indicates the combustion speed of diesel fuel.
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL) has also launched Octane 99 petrol name as ‘poWer 99’ recently in Tamil Nadu.

IOC launches 1st 100 Octane Petrol

  • Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has recently launched India’s 1st 100 Octane petrol. It is a superior quality of fuel that is available only in a few countries.
  • 100 Octane petrol or XP100 premium petrol was launched by the Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.
  • In the starting, 100 Octane petrol will be available only at the selected outlets of Indian Oil Corporation in 10 cities namely- Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Agra, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Pune, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad.
  • More states such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata will be covered in phase 2.
  • The fuel is manufactured at the Refinery of IOC in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.
  • At present, only 6 countries in the world have “100 Octane Petrol” namely- USA, Israel, Greece, Indonesia, Germany, and Malaysia.

Indian Oil Corporation

IOC is a public-sector Oil and Gas company in India. Established in the year 1959, it is the largest commercial oil company in the country. From April 1, 2020, IOC has started the sale of Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) fuels in Telangana.


BS-VI are the norms or standards that have been set by the Indian Government for regulating the air pollution output in the engines (Spark-ignition engines equipment and compression ignition engines) and vehicles in the country. The norms or standards are known as or Bharat stage emission standards (BSES). BS-VI or BS6 is the latest emission standard adopted in the country.

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