PNS Tughril

The Chinese government has gifted the most advanced and largest warship to the Pakistani Navy to strengthen its maritime power. The warship is called PNS Tughril by Pakistan. China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited built this warship for Pakistan and then later handed it over to them at the commissioning ceremony which was held in the city of Shanghai.


After “Tugrul the First,” this new frigate has been named. He was one of the founders who founded the Seljuk Empire, which ruled over Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria in-between the 11th and 14th centuries.

Technical details of PNS Tughril?

In addition to the latest electronic warfare systems and combat management, it has the latest self-defense features. This frigate can perform many naval missions simultaneously in a multi-threat environment. It has been equipped with advanced weapons as well as sensors. Equipped with SR2410C and Type 517 / SUR17B aerial surveillance radar. It is also equipped with an HQ16 medium-range air defense missile which has a 50 km range. The ship also has a vertical launch system that can be armed with anti-submarine missiles, land-attack cruise missiles, and anti-aircraft missiles.