Swadhinata Sarak

The Swadhinata Sarak is a road route that connects Bangladesh with India. It originates from the Mujibnagar district of Bangladesh. The Indian part of the road is functional at present while the Bangladesh part of the road is not functional.

Key Points for UPSC Prelims

  • This road link was established in the year 1971 when a provisional government was formed in Bangladesh.
  • Both the countries have decided to make the road functional on both sides and commercial vehicular movement is to kick start from March 26, 2021, which also marks the 50 years of Bangladesh Independence.
  • This move comes at the backdrop of Chinese aid to Bangladesh for various developmental activities and India’s deepening ties with Bangladesh to enhance connectivity.

Chilahati-Haldirbari rail link

A bilateral summit between India and Bangladesh will be held on December 17. It will be attended by PM Modi and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina. During the summit, both the prime ministers will restart the Chilahati-Haldirbari rail link. Before this, the rail link was active till the year 1965 but was stopped after the India-Pakistan war as the route was in the then East Pakistan. It will now link Haldirbari in West Bengal and Chilahati in Bangladesh.

This will be the 5th rail route connecting Bangladesh and West Bengal.  The 6th rail route between Bangladesh and West Bengal (Siliguri-Dhaka) will be started on March 26, 2021.

India-Bangladesh Relations

The relations between India and Bangladesh can be considered the best among countries in South Asia. The relations between both countries have been improving since 2009 after Sheikh Hasina became the prime minister of Bangladesh.  The countries have solved various bilateral issues just leaving the Teesta River Waters issue.

Teesta River is an important river for Bangladesh that helps in the irrigation of its northern parts.

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