Tasmanian Devils born in Australia after 3000 years

Reports from Australia states that Tasmanian devils have been born for the first time in 3000 of years in the Australian mainland. The species (26 of them) was introduced by conservationists into a sanctuary located north of Sydney the end months of 2020. After being reintroduced in Australia after they vanished from the mainland around 3000 years ago, the first Tasmanian Devils have been born. The babies (7 in number) were born in North Sydney Sanctuary.

About Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian Devils are small carnivorous marsupials. They can be found in the Island of Tasmania and are of the size of a small dog. They have a stocky muscular build, pungent odour, black fur, powerful jaws and produce extremely loud screeching noises. Their habitat in Australia was made difficult by the increase of wild dog population in Australia. Soon they were only located in the island of Tasmania but a disease spread among the animals and brought down the population of the virus to only 25,000.


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