The dearMoon project: The future of deep space tourism?

The long-awaited dearMoon project, which promises to take members of the public on a six-day trip around the Moon and back, is set to launch on Starship in the coming years. Originally planned for 2023, the exact date of the launch will depend on the successful testing of the spacecraft. This mission will be the first true deep space tourism launch, and could potentially mark a significant shift in the way we think about space travel.

Financed by business entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa, a competition was set up to select eight members of the public to join Maezawa on the trip ‘ all expenses paid. While the criteria used to select the winners have not been disclosed, it is suspected that they may be established or aspiring artists. An unknown number of crew members will also be on board the spacecraft.

The risks of deep space travel

A full trip of several days poses extreme risks, both in terms of health and engineering. The success or failure of the dear Moon mission could affect whether deep space tourism becomes the next big thing, or it is relegated back to being a pipe-dream.

Previously, only astronauts selected using incredibly stringent criteria have been able to go into deep space (excluding brief trips up to 100 km). The dear Moon mission will mark a significant departure from this trend, as members of the public with no prior space training will be embarking on a deep space journey.

The potential benefits of deep space tourism

Despite the risks, there are also potential benefits to be gained from deep space tourism. For one, it could significantly lower the cost of space travel by allowing more people to share the cost of a mission. It could also open up space exploration to a wider group of people, rather than just a select few astronauts.

Furthermore, deep space tourism could inspire more people to become interested in space exploration and science, and potentially lead to an increase in funding and research in these areas. It could also serve as a stepping stone towards eventually colonizing other planets, as we gain more experience with deep space travel.

The future of deep space tourism

It is unclear at this point whether deep space tourism will become a viable option in the future. The success or failure of the dearMoon mission will likely play a significant role in determining the feasibility of such missions. If the mission is successful, it could pave the way for more deep space tourism ventures in the future.

However, it is important to note that deep space tourism is still in its early stages, and much more research and development will be necessary before it becomes a realistic option for the general public. Until then, we can only wait and see what the future holds for the dearMoon project and deep space tourism as a whole.

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