Waris Punjab De

Waris Punjab De, which means “heirs of Punjab,” is a relatively new organization that was established in 2021 by Sandeep Singh, also known as Deep Sidhu. The group’s primary objective is to fight for the rights of Punjab and raise social issues. However, its affiliations and radical agenda have drawn considerable criticism and concern.

Background and Objectives

The Waris Punjab De organization seeks to aid the youth in Punjab to follow the tenets of Sikhism and establish Khalsa Raj, a sovereign state based on Sikh principles. The group has been accused of backing the radical pro-Khalistan party SAD (Amritsar) of Simranjit Singh Mann and campaigning for them. The group has also been linked to pro-Khalistan militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Radical Affiliations and Agenda

The Waris Punjab De’s radical affiliations and agenda have raised concerns among security experts and analysts. The group’s links to pro-Khalistan militants and support for SAD (Amritsar) have fueled concerns about its aims and objectives. The group’s website describes its mission as “a revolutionary movement aimed at the destruction of the Indian state and the establishment of a Sikh homeland.”

Leadership Changes and Concerns

After the death of its founder, Sandeep Singh, the Waris Punjab De organization was taken over by Amritpal Singh, a follower of pro-Khalistan militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The change in leadership and the group’s radical agenda have sparked concerns about its activities and intentions.

Impact on Punjab’s Social and Political Landscape

The Waris Punjab De’s radical agenda has had a significant impact on Punjab’s social and political landscape. The group’s affiliation with the pro-Khalistan movement and its support for SAD (Amritsar) have fueled concerns about the resurgence of radical Sikh nationalism. The group’s activities have also raised concerns about the potential for violence and unrest in the region.

Government Response and Crackdown

The Indian government has responded to the Waris Punjab De’s activities with a crackdown on the group’s supporters and sympathizers. The government has accused the group of promoting secessionist activities and links to terrorist organizations. The government’s actions have led to the arrest of several of the group’s members and supporters.

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