What has been agreed upon under the new 3 year agricultural cooperation program signed by India-Israel?

Recently, India and Israel has signed a three year joint cooperation program to work in the field of agriculture. This joint program has been announced by Narendra Singh Tomar, current agriculture minister of Government of India. As of now four such programs have been completed successfully under which Centre of Excellences were set up to teach and train the Indian farmers about the farming and water technologies used in Israel.

Q1. What will be done under the new program between India and Israel?

Under the new agricultural program Villages of Excellence will be set up in 8 states along with 13 Centre of Excellences in 75 villages. This program will also help to increase the net income of the farmers and will look to improve the livelihood of each farmer under this program. Also, through the usage of modern equipments and by promoting modern agricultural infrastructures traditional farms will be transformed into modern ones. Technologies that are used in the farms in Israel will be tailor made to suit the local farming conditions of India so that economic sustainability can be achieved.

Q2. What will be the duration of the program?

The program has been signed for duration of 3 years, from the year 2021 to 2023.

Q3. As of now how many Centre of Excellence (CoE) have been set up under the previous programs?

Under the previous 4 programs 29 Centre of Excellences have been setup across 12 states in India. The CoEs produce more than 3,87,000 fruit plants of good quality along with 25million seedlings annually.  So far 1.2 lakh farmers have also been trained through the CoEs.


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