What is Drone Swarm system?

The Indian Army has displayed its combat drones as a part of the Swarm Technology on the occasion of Army Day on January 15, 2021.

Drone Swarm

  • The Drone Swarm system work on the swarm intelligence which is the collective behaviour of decentralized and self-organized Systems.
  • These are lightweight drones which have the capability of carrying the multiple packages to a single destination in one go.
  • These are multiple drone system where multiple drones are engaged for a single operation.
  • The unmanned aerial vehicle of the Drone Swarm Technology comprises of a mother drone which is attached to a child Drone. The child Drone is used to fire. It gets self-destroy after hitting the target.
  • The signal to the multiple drones is given by a single drone.
  • The Swarm drone system have overcome the limitations of single drone’s payload and battery.
  • Indian Army comprises of the Swarm drones having a range of 50 kilometres.
  • The drones have the capability to hit the target from a distance of 500 metres.
  • It can carry randomised sonic missions through the artificial intelligence and they make their operations based on the satellite feeds.
  • These drones can do multiple functions ranging from dropping the food, ammunition, medicine and other special needs soldiers positioned in the difficult terrains.

Drones in Indian Army

Currently, the Indian army has 75 indigenous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which are used for surveillance and to perform the targeted strikes. Until August 2020, the Indian Army had only 5 combat drones. But as the tensions between India and China and with Pakistan have escalated in the Ladakh region and Line of Control, the Indian Army has purchased more of combat drones.

Army Day

It is celebrated on January 15 every year. The day is celebrated to recognise the Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa’s taking over as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army from General Fransis Bucher in 1949.  Bucher was the last British Commander-in-Chief of India. This year, India celebrated its 73rd Indian Army Day in New Delhi.

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