What is ‘Insect Apocalypse’?

The problem of the death of insects (decline) every year due to climate change, chemicals, insecticides, etc. is called insect apocalypse. As per top bug experts, the vital insect kingdom of the world is seeing thousands of deaths every year.

Key Points

  • This problem of insect apocalypse has been highlighted by the 12 studies written by 56 researchers around the globe.
  • The studies were presented at the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences and David Wagner, University of Connecticut entomologist, is the lead author of these studies package.
  • As per the studies, Earth is losing 1% to 2% of its insects every year due to climate change, light pollution, insecticides, invasive species, herbicides, and changes in agriculture and land use.
  • The problem is like a puzzle for the scientists still and they are unable to understand the complexity of this problem.
  • As per the lead author, there is an urgent need to find out the exact rate of decline of insects on the Earth.

Bugs are very important for the food chain and help in the removal of waste. But, people kind of have hate for bugs; hence they don’t care to save their lives.