What is ‘MINUSMA’?

MINUSMA stands for United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali. MINUSMA is a peacekeeping mission of the United Nations in Mali.

Key Points

  • MINUSMA was formed on April 25th, 2013 through a resolution named United Nations Security Council resolution 2100.
  • The resolution was passed to provide support to political processes in Mali and carry out various security-related tasks.
  • The resolution aimed to stabilize Mali after the 2012 Tuareg Rebellion.
  • 2012 Tuareg Rebellion was the starting phase of a Mali war which was started by rebels against the country’s government demanding independence for Azawad, the northern region of Mali.
  • The peacekeeping mission was asked to help the country in stabilizing and to implement a transitional roadmap.
  • Later, through the adoption of resolution 2164 in June 2014, the UN Council decided that the Peacekeeping Mission should focus on other duties like supporting national political dialogue and reconciliation; ensuring security, stabilization, and protection of civilians; and assisting the reestablishment of State authority, the promotion and protection of human rights and the rebuilding of the security sector.
  • MINUSMA is the most dangerous peacekeeping mission of the UN with 209 peacekeepers killed out of the total force of 15,200 (approx.)
  • The Peacekeeping Mission is headquartered in Bamako, Mali.

Attack on PeaceKeepers

Recently, in an attack in Mali, 4 UN peacekeepers were killed and 5 were wounded. It happened when the convoy struck an explosive device.

In addition to MINUSMA, two other international peace operations are in Mali- the European Union missions EUTM Mali and EUCAP Sahel Mali.

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