Where is Bojjannakonda Buddhist Heritage Site?

Recently, Bojjannakonda Buddhist heritage site wore a festive look for the annual Bouddha Mela. A large number of people reached Bojjannakonda to participate in this annual Mela which is celebrated on Kanuma, a day after Sankranti.

Key Points about Bouddha Mela

  • The Bouddha Mela was organized by the Siddhartha Social Services and Cultural Association, Anakapalle, and the Visakha Bouddha Sanghala Samakhya.
  • During the mela, a peace rally conducted by the Buddhist Bikshus, followers, and members of various Buddhist organizations to the Buddhist Stupa in a cave on the hill. After reaching there, everyone offered prayers.
  • A meeting was also held downhill in which various guests and Buddhist spiritual leaders spoke on the significance of the Bouddha Mela.

Where is Bojjannakonda Buddhist heritage site?

Bojjannakonda is a rock-cut cave situated near a village known as Sankaram. This village is near Anakapalle, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It is believed to be excavated by British archaeologist Alexander Rea in the year 1906. 150 steep rock-cut-steps lead to the cave. A stupa surrounded by 16 pillars is also there in the cave. The cave has various statues of the Buddha in different postures.


Lingalakonda is another Buddhist rock-cut cave adjacent to Bojjannakonda. It is said that Alexander Rea’s excavation resulted in the discovery of Lingalakonda. The cave has 250 rock-cut stupas.