What is @POTUS Twitter account?

@POTUS Twitter account is an official Twitter account of US President Donald Trump. The Account is named President Trump.

Key Points

  • The POTUS Twitter account is in the news because President Trump used the account to tweet against “Twitter” after the company permanently banned and suspended the @realDonaldTrump of Trump.
  • Trump tweeted that Twitter has conspired with his rivals and suspended his account to silence him.
  • Earlier, Twitter released an official statement about the permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account.
  • After the tweets by Trump through the @POTUS account, Twitter deleted his tweets.
  • @POTUS account has 33.4 million followers at present.

Joe Biden New US President

Recently, the US Congress certified the victory of Joe Biden over Donald Trump and officially declared him the new President of the country. Joe Biden will take the office of the president on January 20 when the formal transition has been scheduled. Kamla Harris will be the new Vice-president of the country. This certification was done after a large number of Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol Building that has both the US Senate and US House of Representatives.

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