Why are Vaccine manufacturers declining vaccine requests by Indian states?

Due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hitting India hard, the states are trying everything to get their hands on vaccines directly from vaccine makers such as Moderna and Pfizer. The states are resorting to this method as the vaccine supply in India is dwindling and hence, a number of people are not being able to get vaccinated. If vaccination is not done at the earliest then it will be difficult to control the spread of the virus. Hence, the states have approached the vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer for supply of vaccines, but their requests have been declined.

Q1. What does Pfizer say about supplying vaccines to the Indian states?

Pfizer, in a statement issued by them has stated that they will supply vaccines directly to the central government and will not entertain requests from states asking for vaccine supplies. Many states have floated global tender to procure vaccines to meet the vaccination needs but their requests have been denied says the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal.

Q2. What is Moderna’s stand regarding supplying of vaccines to the Indian states?

The state government of Punjab had approached Moderna to procure vaccines directly from them instead of taking the central government route, but their request has been denied by Moderna. Moderna has come out with a statement saying that they will only deal with the government of India and will not entertain requests from the states or other private parties.

Q3. What are the steps taken by the Government of India to procure vaccines?

The government of India is in talks with vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer to procure vaccines so that the vaccination process in India speeds up. On April the Government of India had announced a revised vaccination policy that allowed the states to float global tender for the procurement of vaccines, but still their needs have been denied by the vaccine makers.


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