World Fisheries Day

On 21st November, World Fisheries Day is celebrated across the world annually. It is celebrated by the fishing communities across the globe.


The United Nations states that greater than two-thirds of the world’s fishing industry is being overfished. Therefore, it is very important that this day is celebrated to raise awareness about the habit of sustainable fisheries.

This day highlights the importance of ensuring a healthy marine ecosystem and sustainable fish stocks around the world. The year 2021 celebrates the fifth World Fisheries Day and the first time it was celebrated on 21st November in the year 2015.

World Fishing Day was celebrated in Bhubaneswar in the state of Orissa. Orissa is India’s fourth largest fish-producing country, which represents 2.33 percent of the state’s economy.

Why is this day celebrated?

World Fisheries Day is celebrated on November 21st, celebrating the contributions of millions of fishermen, aquaculture and fish farmers around the world. The theme of the day is a combination of fishing, nature and the environment and a stronger focus on biodiversity.

Importance of fishing industry

Small-scale fishing employs more than 90% of the people engaged in fishing. About 65% of the fish caught in inland fisheries come from countries with low food shortages. Fish provide over 25% of the world’s food protein. The total consumption of fish in the world is 100 million tons. Therefore, in order to secure sustainable fish stocks, focus should be given on the way changes should be made the world manages the world’s fisheries.

Significance of this day

Seafood and fish are known to be traditional foods for many people around the world. People living along the coast and near the sea eat fish and shellfish as one of their staple foods. Fishing days are gathered by many affiliates, not just the fisheries sector, fishing under one roof. Breeding of blue and green algae in the oceans, pollution and oil spills of marine bodies, toxic chemicals and invasion of plastics into seawater are some of the problems affecting fisheries. Global warming also raises the temperature of the water which further affect fish populations.

The fishing community celebrates this day in the hope of a better future for fishing. One of the less-discussed professions is revealed by people through well-organized car marches and bicycle rallies. Fishing is a huge segment of trade and commerce, and a typical combination of these is essential. These smooth-moving processes require proper management, training and expertise to handle a variety of internal systems.