Ex SHAKTI- 2021

The 6th edition of Ex Shakti 2021 a Bilateral Joint Training Exercise between India and France was held in the month of November in Frejus, France. On the Indian side, a platoon of Gorkha rifle infantry battalions participated in this exercise.


It focuses on counter-terrorism operations against quasi-urban sites under the mandate of the United Nations to improve military cooperation and interoperability between the two forces. Biennial exercises between the armies of both countries began in the year 2011. It is carried out alternately in India and France. Before this year’s exercise it was held in Rajasthan in the year 2019, during which the Counterterrorism Operation in the Semi-Desert Area was carried out.

Ex SHAKTI 2021 included 12 days of intensive joint military training. During the exercise, the troops of both countries demonstrated their combat capabilities and superiority over militant groups in a simulated anti-terrorism and counterinsurgency environment. This exercise provided both sides with the opportunity to train counterterrorism operations in a shared environment in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

Implementation of the exercise

This exercise was carried out in two stages. This included combat conditioning and tactical training in counterterrorism operations. It culminated in the verification of training in a semi-urban environment. Both military personnel shared their best operational experiences and practices. Both delegations said they were very pleased with the results of this exercise with the standards that were achieved during the implementation.

Objective of this exercise

This exercise focuses on counter-terrorism operations in a quasi-urban environment under the mandate of the United Nations. Held every two years with the aim of improving interoperability and military cooperation between the armed forces of both countries.