World’s First CRISPR CaS-9 Based Diagnostic Tool

Tata Medical and Diagnostics Ltd (TataMD) have launched a novel diagnostic testing for COVID-19 called “TataMD CHECK”. It is the world’s first CRISPR CaS-9 based diagnostic tool. The testing is powered by FELUDA.  The new diagnostic testing for COVID-19 has been developed within a short span of 100 days after the technology got license.

Benefits of TataMD CHECK

TataMD CHECK is a simple testing process that require standard laboratory equipment. It is a simple paper-strip test that gives image-based visual results. Small batches of TataMD CHECK testing can be conducted simultaneously. One of the most important advantages of TataMD CHECK is that it provides the quick results. The testing have a reaction time of 45-50 mins in lab. The total testing time starting from extraction of RNA sample to results is 75 minutes. The testing provides high quality and quick results and it does not require highly trained staff. The simplicity of testing makes it available in the remote areas as well. The testing would be using sensors and AI-based result tool to help authorities and patients to trace the sample and evidence of test. The test results are accessible anywhere on cloud storage. TataMD CHECK was approved by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).


TataMD CHECK testing kit is being manufactured in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Test is being developed in a quality-controlled production facility. Presently, the production plant has a capacity of producing 1 million kits in a month.


It is a technology developed in India. The technology is being manufactured  by CSIR- IGIB for COVID-19 testing.


It is the healthcare venture of Tata Group.