All India Annual State Ministers� Conference on Water

Importance of Collaboration, Coordination, and Cooperation in Water Conservation

  • In a video message addressing the opening session of the first All India Annual State Ministers' Conference on Water, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed the importance of making water a subject of collaboration, coordination, and cooperation between the states of India.
  • Observing that the subject of water is under the control of the states in the Indian Constitution, the Prime Minister emphasized that it is the responsibility of all to work towards water conservation in order to achieve the collective goals of the country.

Focus on "Water Vision @ 2047"

  • The conference, which is being held in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, is attended by ministers responsible for water resources, public health engineering, and irrigation from all states and Union Territories. The theme of the conference is "Water Vision @ 2047," and aims to develop a comprehensive plan for water conservation in India over the next 25 years.

Call for "Whole of Government" Approach

  • In his remarks, the Prime Minister suggested that the states adopt the central government's Namami Gange Mission as a model and launch similar campaigns for the conservation of rivers.
  • He also called for a "whole of government" and "whole of country" approach, with constant interaction and dialogue among different departments of the state governments, such as those handling water, irrigation, agriculture, rural and urban development, and disaster management.

Encouraging Public Involvement in Water Conservation

  • The Prime Minister encouraged the states to involve the public in water conservation campaigns, citing the success of the Swachh Bharat Mission as an example.
  • He also highlighted the importance of natural farming and crop diversification based on water availability, and noted the positive effects of water conservation that have been observed in areas where natural farming is practiced.

"Per Drop More Crop" Campaign and Water Budgeting at the Panchayat Level

  • The Prime Minister also discussed the "Per Drop More Crop" campaign, which is part of the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY) and has brought more than 70 lakh hectares of land in India under micro-irrigation.
  • He encouraged gram panchayats to develop action plans for the next five years that include a roadmap for water supply, cleanliness, and waste management. He also suggested that water budgets be prepared at the panchayat level, based on the water needs of each village and the kind of work that can be done to address those needs.

Importance of a Circular Economy and Water Quality Testing

Finally, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of a circular economy in water conservation and called for the development of a water testing system to ensure the quality of water. Overall, the Prime Minister's remarks at the conference highlight the need for collaboration, coordination, and cooperation among the states in order to effectively address the challenges of water conservation in India.


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