Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar (IIT Ropar) which is located in Punjab has developed a first of its kind IoT (Internet of Things) device which has been named as AmbiTag.

About the device

  • The work of this device is to record the real-time ambient temperature while various perishable products like vaccines, blood and body organs are being transported.
  • The temperature that was recorded while being transported helps to know whether the particular item which has been transported from any corner in the world is still usable or it has perished because of the variation in temperature.
  • This information regarding temperature is very critical for the transportation of vaccines which also include the Covid-19 vaccine, body organs and blood.
  • AmbiTag is shaped like a USB device; it continuously records the temperature of its immediate surroundings spanning from the range of -40 degree to +80 degree in any time zone of the world for a full 90 days on a single charge.
  • This device gives an alert notification when the temperature fluctuates beyond a limit that has been pre-set.
  • The data which as recorded can be retrieved by simply connecting the USB with any computer.

Development of the device

This device has been developed under the Technology Innovation Hub of AWaDH (Agriculture and Water Technology Development Hub) which is a government of India project and its startup named ScratchNest.

Professor Pushpendra P. Singh who is the project director of AWaDH has said that the device will be mass produced and priced at Rs 400 and will be made available to all the vaccine production and transportation related companies.


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