Anti-Rape Law of Pakistan

Pakistan government has passed a presidential ordinance that expedites the cases of sexual abuse against children and women. This Anti-rape ordinance is valid only for four months. After four months, the ordinance would require approval from Parliament.

Why it has been passed?

The law was passed after protests took in the country over a gang rape of a woman whose car ran out of fuel while she was travelling along with her two children.

About New Law

  • The new law seeks create special courts so as to dispose the cases within four months. The special courts will be set up across India in order to expedite the trials and cases of rape suspects in a timely manner.
  • The law will also establish anti-rape cells. These cells will be providing the medical examinations within 6 hours of a complaint.
  • The ordinance also mandates for the creation of a National Sex Offender registry.
  • It prohibits the identification of rape victims. Identifying the rape victims has been made a punishable offence.
  • It is expected that the ordinance will include the death penalty and chemical castration as punishments.

What proposals has been made?

The lawmakers had also proposed to introduce public hanging of the convicted persons. But the Prime Minister objected the proposal as it will affect the preferential trade status of Pakistan with the European Union. The Prime Minister proposed for Chemical Castration instead of public hanging.

Preferential Trade Status with European Union

The Preferential Trade Agreement allows duty free access to the goods in the European Union.