Counter Terrorism Operations Centre

The United Kingdom has proposed to establish a Counter-Terrorism Operations Centre (CTOC) based in London to deal with terrorism. CTOC is expected to be fully operational in 5 years.

Key Points

  • The first-of-its kind Centre was announced by the UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak, during the spending review for the next year's budgetary plans tabled in Parliament.
  • The Counter-Terrorism Operations Centre, which is expected to be fully operational within five years, will enable all elements of counter-terrorism (CT) policing, criminal justice system, intelligence agencies, as well as other government agencies focused on tackling terrorism to collaborate.
  • This facility is announced amidst an increase in terrorist attacks across Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom.
  • He also announced that an additional allocation separately to recruit police officers, to tackle economic crime and for the criminal justice system, which will include the new CTOC.
  • This additional allocation will be of Rs 400 million pounds for recruiting 20,000 more police officers by the year 2023. Out of this 6,000 officers will be recruited in 2021-22.
  • He also announced to allocate Rs 63 million pounds for tackling economic crime and an extra funding of Rs 337 million pounds for the criminal justice system.


The idea of CTOC development came out of series of terrorist attacks in 2017 that killed 36 people. The need to develop CTOC is due to the rising terrorism.

U.S.-India Counter-Terrorism Joint Working Group

The 17th meeting of the U.S.-India Counter Terrorism Joint Working Group was held virtually in September 2020. Both the countries condemned terrorism and committed to strengthen the cooperation between both the countries for sharing to disrupt the ability of international terrorists to travel along with countering the financing of terrorist groups.

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