Darwin’s Ground Sloth

In 1832, Charles Darwin founded Mylodon darwinii. It is a ground sloth and is widely called the Darwin’s Ground Sloth. It is now extinct.

About Darwin’s Ground Sloth

According to Darwin, these sloths belong to the same family as that of the modern sloths. However, they were giant in size. They lived during the Pleistocene epoch, that is, between 1.8 million years ago and 12,00 years ago. They weighed between 1,000 kg and 2, 000 kg. They were three metres long. Darwin found the fossils of these ground sloths in a cave in southern Chile. The cave is now called the Mylodon cave. They lived in tropical forests. But were capable to adapt to cold climate.

Not a Vegetarian!

Earlier, the Darwin’s Ground Sloth was believed to be a vegetarian and it lived in trees. However, a study at the American Museum of Natural History, in 2021, revealed that they were not strict vegetarians, rather omnivores!

What are Sloths?

The Sloths are group of mammals. They spend most of their lives hanging upside down in trees. They are endemic to the forests of Central America and South America. The United Nations report says that around one million sloths are under extinction. There are six species of sloths. Of these, two are threatened with extinction. Deforestation and urbanisation are the major threats to the sloths.


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