Exercise Yudh Abyas

The Exercise Yudh Abyas is a military exercise. It is conducted between India and US. The first exercise was launched in 2002. The main objective of the exercise is to promote defence cooperation between the countries.

Important Facts for UPSC Examinations

  • The Yudh Abyas is the largest military training exercise conducted between India and USA.
  • It is hosted alternately between the countries since 2004.
  • The exercise held in 2021 was the sixteenth edition.
  • It is held under United Nations mandate
  • The exercise aims to improve defence cooperation between the countries
  • During Yudh Abyas, the armies indulge in military training, building joint operational skills, exchange of knowledge, development of friendships and cultural exchanges.
  • The exercise mainly promotes peacekeeping.
  • The exercise is highly helpful during humanitarian and disaster relief

Previous Yudh Abyas Exercises

The first Yudh Abyas exercise was held in 2002 in Agra. In 2004, it was held in Variengte (Mizoram). 2005: Variengte, 2006: Schofield Army Base barracks, 2007: Chaubatia (Uttarakhand), 2008: Honolulu (USA), 2009: Babina (Uttar Pradesh), 2010: Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (USA), 2012: Jaisalmer (Rajasthan), 2013: Fort Bragg (USA), 2014: Ranikhet (Uttarakhand), 2015: Joint Base Lewis McChord (USA), 2015: Chaubattia (Uttarakhand), 2017: Joint Base Lewis-McChord (USA), 2018: Chaubatia (Uttarakhand), 2019: Joint Base Lewis-McChord (USA), 2021: Mahajan Field Firing Range (Rajasthan).


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