France Unveils New Bill to Combat Islamic Radicalism

The French government have put forward a draft legislation on December 9, 2020. This draft legislation seeks to combat the radical Islamism. The French government is calling it “a law of freedom” which is essential to coexists peacefully in French Society. The legislation seeks to root out the “separatists” which undermines the nation.

Why this bill has been passed?

France has suffered numerous Islamist terrorist attacks in the past. The most recent was the gruesome beheading of a teacher (in October 2020) who had showed the class cartoons of Islam’s prophet and this was followed by an attack inside the largest church of Nice that has killed three.

About the bill

  • This proposed bill targets the home schools, mosques or associations promulgating its ideology that runs opposite to French values.
  • This opposite ideology has been called as the “Islamist Hydra” by the authorities since it can lead to violence in some.
  • The draft bill have also made changes to France’s 1905 law separating church and state. The law that guarantee a secular nation so as to modernize and clarify the matters of faith.
  • The draft law also has a provision for the doctor who provide young woman with a certificate stating her virginity. The bill makes it a crime punishable by fines and up to one year imprisonment . Such certificates are sometimes demanded during Muslim marriage ceremonies.
  • To stop the forced marriages, the bill requires the couple to meet separately for an interview with an official if there is any doubt regarding the free consent. If the doubt prevails, the official can take the issue to a prosecutor who can forbid the marriage.


This bill has been highly criticized by Turkey and other Muslim countries.  USA have also criticized this bill as “heavy-handed” and stated that it go against the international religious freedom.