G20 Culture Working Group (CWG)

The first-ever G20 Culture Working Group (CWG) meeting is set to take place in Khajuraho, India. The meeting will be attended by over 125 delegates, including culture ministers and senior officials from the G20 member countries, as well as experts and representatives from international organizations such as UNESCO, INTERPOL, and the World Customs Organization. The CWG’s goal is to reduce illicit trafficking of cultural property by 2030, regulate online trading platforms, and raise public awareness about restitution laws and conventions. The meeting will also cover the promotion of cultural and creative industries and leveraging digital technologies for the protection and promotion of culture.

Exhibition of Repatriated Artefacts

An exhibition of repatriated artefacts will be held during the event. This exhibition will showcase 25 artefacts that have been returned to India after being smuggled out of the country. These artefacts include a 12th-century bronze Nataraja statue, a 2nd-century Buddhist relic, and a 10th-century sandstone sculpture of Uma Maheshwara.

The exhibition aims to highlight the importance of repatriation of cultural property and the need for cooperation between countries in combating illicit trafficking of such property.

Reducing Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property

The illicit trafficking of cultural property is a major global problem. It involves the theft, looting, and smuggling of cultural objects from their place of origin, often for the purpose of selling them on the black market.

The G20 CWG aims to reduce the illicit trafficking of cultural property by promoting international cooperation and coordination, sharing best practices, and developing common strategies and standards for preventing and combating such trafficking.

Regulating Online Trading Platforms

Online trading platforms have become a major channel for the illicit trafficking of cultural property. The G20 CWG aims to regulate such platforms by developing guidelines and standards for online sales of cultural property and by encouraging the cooperation of e-commerce platforms in preventing the sale of looted cultural objects.

Promoting Cultural and Creative Industries

The G20 CWG also aims to promote the cultural and creative industries, which are important drivers of economic growth and employment in many countries. The CWG will discuss ways to support the development of these industries, including through funding, training, and capacity-building programs.

Leveraging Digital Technologies

Digital technologies can play an important role in the protection and promotion of culture. The G20 CWG will explore ways to leverage digital technologies for the documentation, preservation, and promotion of cultural heritage, as well as for enhancing public access to cultural resources.

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