Guardian Ministers Scheme: Assam

Himanta Biswa Sarma, Chief Minister of Assam has appointed 13 guardian ministers to look after the districts of the state. Out of the 13 ministers appointed, 8 of them will look after 3 districts each and remaining 5 will look after 2 districts each.

Guardian Minister Functions

  • They will look after sustainable, balanced and speedy developments in all the 34 districts of Assam.
  • Guardian Ministers will be responsible for the implementation and any issue that requires settlement related to the schemes that are launched by the Central and State governments.
  • The government’s policy decisions, welfare schemes and administrative reforms for public will be supervised by the Guardian Ministers.
  • Guardian Ministers will look into how quickly people can avail benefits from the different schemes and projects of the government.
  • Frequent district visitations will be done by the Guardian Ministers. Visitations will be done during normal as well as emergency situations.
  • Any policy decisions through which better development and welfare can be provided to districts will be suggested by them to the government.
  • A Vision Document for the districts will be prepared by them in consultation with the various district administrations. They will also recommend awards to be awarded to the districts for best practices.
  • Infrastructural development plans will be developed by them.
  • After studying about the various resources available in each district they can submit plans to provide job opportunities for the unemployed youths.
  • During Budget provisions, district specific matters will be highlighted by them.

Appointment of Guardian Ministers

Only ex- officio chairperson with the District Planning Committee (DPC) will be appointed as Guardian Ministers. Ajanta Neog is the lone women among the 13 appointees.

About Assam

Capital: Dispur

Chief Minister: Himanta Biswa Sarma

Governor: Jagdish Mukhi


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