Human Freedom Index

The Human Freedom Index, published by the Cato Institute in the United States and Fraser Institute in Canada, presents the state of human freedom in the world.

Key Points for UPSC Prelims

  • The 2020 edition of the Human Freedom Index was recently released. The index used data from the years 2008 to 2018 and covered 76 indicators of civic, personal, and economic freedom.
  • The Human Freedom Index 2020 covered 162 countries.
  • The global ranking of freedom highlighted that there has been a decrease in personal freedoms since 2008, in the global level.
  • While New Zealand, Switzerland, and Hong Kong held the first three positions, Venezuela, Sudan, and Syria were in the bottom.
  • The United Kingdom and the United States have been jointly ranked at 17th position on the index.
  • With an overall score of 6.43 out of 10, India was placed at 111 out of 162 countries. It ranks the country at 110th place in terms of personal freedom and at 105th position in terms of economic freedom.
  • India has slipped by 17 ranks on the index as compared to the 2019 ranking. Last year, India was ranked at 94th
  • China has been ranked at 129th on the index while Bangladesh and Pakistan have been ranked at 139th and 140th positions respectively.

Human Development Index 2020

Recently, the United Nations Development Programme released the Human Development Index 2020. India has been ranked at 131st position out of 189 countries on the index. The 2020 edition of the index has been topped by New Zealand.

Global Bribery Risk Matrix

The Global Bribery Risk Matrix 2020 was released in November 2020. India has been ranked 77th on the index out of 194 countries. The index was topped by Denmark.

Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) Index 2020

In October 2020, Independent charitable organization Oxfam published the Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) Index 2020. India has been ranked at 129th position on the index out of 158 countries.

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