Indian Standards for Video Surveillance Systems

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is responsible for the development and implementation of standards in India. Recently, through its technical committee on Alarms and Electronic Security Systems, the BIS has developed a series of Indian Standards (IS 16910) on Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) for use in security applications.

  • These standards provide a detailed outline of all aspects of a VSS, including requirements for components such as camera devices, interfaces, and system requirements, as well as tests to determine the image quality of camera devices and guidelines for efficient installation of the system.

Why are Standards Important for Video Surveillance Systems?

  • With the constantly evolving technology in the security industry and the abundant options of VSS available, it has become increasingly challenging for the average person to pick the right system for their intended use.
  • The IS 16910 series of standards aims to assist customers, installers, and users in establishing their requirements, determining the appropriate equipment needed for their intended application, and providing a means of objectively evaluating the performance of VSS.
  • This not only helps to make the surveillance system more secure, robust and cost-effective, but also aids in the selection of the right system.
  • With the large number of video cameras available for sale in the marketplace, it can be difficult to procure a video surveillance system that produces images of suitable quality for the intended use.
  • The IS 16910 series of standards would provide the necessary guidelines and criteria to the customers, installers and users to establish their requirements and determine the appropriate equipment. This will help to clarify the purpose of each VSS and the level of detail needed to achieve that purpose.

Incorporation of International Standards

  • It's important to mention that the IS 16910 series of standards is an adoption of the International Standard IEC 62676 series. This is an indication of how India is taking steps to ensure that the surveillance systems in the country are at par with international standards.
  • This will help to maintain consistency and comparability with the international standards, thereby making it easier to understand the technology used and the performance of the system.

The IS 16910 series of standards developed by the BIS is a vital step in ensuring the security of the country by providing guidelines for the selection, installation and performance evaluation of Video Surveillance Systems. With the incorporation of international standards, it ensures that the surveillance systems in India are on par with international standards and make it easier to understand the technology used and the performance of the system. This will go a long way in ensuring the safety and security of the citizens of the country.


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