INS Vela

The fourth Scorpene-class submarine INS Vela from the P75 project was handed over to the Indian Navy. The fourth submarine is INS Vela in the first batch of six Kalvari-class submarines for the Indian Navy. This is a Scorpene-class submarine designed by the French Navy Defense and Energy Group and manufactured by Mazagon Dock Limited, which is located in Mumbai.


With the introduction of INS Vela, combat capabilities will improve. Project 75 involves the construction of six Scorpene-class submarines. Of the six submarines, three are already in service: Kalvari, Karanj and Khanderi.

Earlier versions of INS Vela were commissioned on 31st August 1973 and served the country for 37 years. It was finally abolished on 25th June, 2010. INS Vela is powerful and can carry out aggressive operations over the entire range of naval battles. The introduction of Vela has greatly strengthened the position of the Indian Navy. It adds strength and sharpness to the combat capabilities of the Indian Navy.

Technical Details of INS Vela

This submarine is equipped with a C303 anti-torpedo defense system. Instead of torpedoes or Exocet anti-ship missiles, it can carry up to 18 torpedoes or 30 mines. It is an attack submarine powered by diesel electricity. It is 67.5 meters long, 12.3 meters high and 6.2 meters wide. A top speed of 20 knots can be reached by Vela while submerged, but a top speed of 11 knots on the surface of the water. It consists of 360 battery cells and four MTU 12V 396SE84 diesel engines for power. It also has a quiet and permanently magnetized drive motor.

About Scorpene-class submarine

The Project75 Scorpene-class submarine is equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system. The Scorpene-class submarine is one of the most advanced submarines capable of performing various missions such as anti-submarine warfare, anti-submarine warfare, information procurement, area surveillance and mine laying. The Scorpene-class submarine is the Navy’s first modern submarine series for the first time in about 20 years since the INS Sindushastra procured from the country Russia in the month of July 2000.

About Project 75

This is a program by the Indian Navy that involves the construction of six Scorpene-class attack submarines. The Kalvari submarine class design  is based on the French Scorpene submarine class. Supported by the Department of Defense and the Indian Navy at various stages of construction. The Mazagon Dock Shipyard (MDL) is building six Scorpene-class submarines with technical assistance from the French Navy Group under a $ 3.75 billion contract signed in the year 2005.